friends and neighbors

I live in the middle of a very Spanish neighborhood.  There are 9 different apartments besides ours, and between all of these apartments there are over 30 children.  They play freely over all the hilltop surrounding our collective apartments.  This is good.  Children playing and being happy is good.  It is good until they play right under your front window, and the adults move their chairs and Corona’s under the shade of the tree that sits outside our window.  That absence of privacy sets me on my last nerve. These kids have over 2 acres to run and play on and can’t help but sit under the window..leaning in the window and ogling, or yelling at the dog in the window.  I can’t even take the dog, a Chihuahua, outside because their little dog tears off and bites.  I’ve been bit twice,and my eX has been bit three times.  None of the adults speak English. For a year and a half now, with all the open space around us, we don’t have the ability to sit in front of our own apartment.

Grrr, arghhh.

I know, shallow, ain’t it?

Well, yesterday they were out there again, right by the front window, and my son tried to get them to understand that it was a space and privacy issue.  The guy called the landlord and said my son threatened to call the police.  Not what happened. I was standing in the doorway as he addressed the neighbor.  It should have been all good.

Now after talking with the landlord, they have moved to their own side of the yard.  And we have been written up for causing two disturbances now.  One more and we get evicted.  That would be very bad.

This afternoon I log onto my computer and Windows locks up solid and disappears.  Silly machine wants to install a new version because it can’t find any drives.  Took two hours to find the bug that ate Windows and got it working again.  Big sweat there.  Without this computer, i would neve have contact with the world.

My next fun dilemma for the day was to find out that the local circle of friends was having a pig picking tonight and we, ex and myself, weren’t invited.  He and I have figured out how to be separated and still hang out together..why can’t they live with that?

I am cranky and feeling deflated.  Doubting whether I ever really had a friend in the world at all.  Am I that despicable?  That cold, mean, and random?

I am going to ease my grief tonight with a giant rice crispie treat and a glass of root beer. Then crawl into bed with my pink fuzzy bunny rabbit and read myself to sleep reading “Death of the Liberal Class”.


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