Got them BiPolar Blues and no Gun

I’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about worrying about guns killing people?  Another sad shooting in a school.  A grade school.  Innocent children.   I get all that.  I feel, I scream, I weep for those people.  But, thinking about..GUNS.. being the killers.  That’s seems so lame when you separate it from the rest of the argument to be pro-gun. Does a kid with some mental health issues make the final argument to remove guns from the hands of another class of people?

I shouldn’t have a gun.

I am considered mentally ill.  I’m Bipolar.  I am plagued by PTSD.  A couple weeks ago the therapist sent me off to the crisis center to be re-evaluated to see if I were a danger to the people around me.  Yeah, they thought I was potentially homicidal.  I don’t own a gun.  Now the police have an excuse to pick me up at the bus stop for loitering. Funny. Nope, it ain’t.

I am Pro Gun.  I don’t think the government can tell anyone that they can’t possess a firearm.  Some might say that’s pretty crazy, and I would agree.   I just don’t see a middle ground.  Constitution speaks of “a well trained militia’ and I think that is what the founding fathers meant. .. organized and trained…like our military, our National Guard.  They didn’t expect the government to conscript every able body in the country to call them to arms?  So everyone need not have a gun.  I don’t feel the need to own a gun.  I don’t have any inkling to want to go kill people…and that is the argument of guns..GUNS…kill people…not People.  Pfft.

Crazy bitch pulled that trigger who many times?  Shot his Mamma!  And Mamma has .223 just hanging around the house?  Something doesn’t smell right here.  And I just don’t think it had anything to do with the laws, or the type of firearms.  Why do you think we give a situation like this so much recognition?  Why do we wonder …why?

For the last several days the TV is inundated with this shooting and now the blow back of the argument for and against gun control and the masses.  It’s making my brain hurt.

I’m one of those people who are wanting to know why a kid, whom they say suffered from ‘some mental illness’  wasn’t getting the attention and care, devotion and compassion that might have kept those guns out of his hands?

We know there is no stopping the bad guys from having guns.  We know many feel the right to have guns. We know many feel the right to restrict guns. Would somebody please look closer at the kids who are resorting to this kind of infamous mass murder and follow the patterns.  Men kill men.  Always have. Now they have bigger toys.

I don’t know who to feel bad for.  I am bouncing back and forth.  Angry and very sad. And I am already sick of seeing it plastered all over the media for the wrong reasons, and then to see it spun the other way like they are respecting the dead children.  Everybody loses until we see what trigger set this young man off the edge.  Yeah, mental illness.

Some people, just shouldn’t have access to guns.  And that is contradictory for me.  What I am certain of;  I don’t need a gun.  Well, not unless the world starts to end soon. hehe


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